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Twelve Ways To Count (CD/MP3/FLAC)

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The Miserable Rich's debut album, featuring the singles "Boat Song", "Pisshead" and "The Time That's Mine".

" ...their lush orchestro-folk is so heartbreakingly beautiful, it reduces anyone who hears it to a weeping mess."
8/10 NME

"Recorded in the front room of singer James De Malplaquet’s Brighton home, The Miserable Rich’s striking, fully fledged debut immediately sets them apart. Five in number, they play what can perhaps be best described as acoustic chamber pop, everything coming decorously draped with the rather mournful accompaniment of cello and violin. Beyond that, though, it’s De Malplaquet’s warm, hazy voice coupled with the songs’ ruminative aspect that impress most, from tales of drunks and bonnie barmaids to such beautifully tender moments as Boat Song and The Knife Thrower’s Hand. A handsome, original start."

"Breathtaking... Easily the best record of 2008"
Americana UK

"There is no other band around at the moment who creates music like this, and yet Twelve Ways To Count shows how simple and effective it is. With delicate singing, plucking strings and floating violins, any of these twelve tracks can lift you up and carry you along a cloud into a tranquil equilibrium... they have created a piece of art that is gentle brilliance which needs to be introduced into your life."

"warm acoustic loveliness"

"A beautiful, intelligent and smart album, Twelve Ways To Count shows The Miserable Rich are a rare find."

"...a cracking album full of tender, dark, warm, thoughtful and euphoric songs that'll keep you humming along all day long"
Piccadilly Records - Record of the Week

1. Early Mourning
2. Pisshead
3. Boat Song
4. The Knife-Thrower's Hand
5. Monkey
6. Muswell
7. North Villas
8. The Time That's Mine
9. The Barmiad's Canon
10. Poodle
11. Merry Go Round
12. Button My Lip