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Of Flight & Fury (CD/Vinyl/MP3/FLAC)

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On CD or Vinyl

Other formats: MP3/FLAC

Of Flight & Fury is a boundlessly lovely listening experience, all beautifully recorded and arranged with bold orchestration. There's an inherent theatricality to music on this scale, but the band balance out their underlying pomp with absorbing, occasionally darkened tales of seduction and inebriation.

"Led by violin and cello, with acoustic guitar and double-bass holding down the rhythm, it would be easy for these Brightonians to come across as chin-stroking clever-clogs. Instead, a variety of influences come together to form a swirling, warm, inviting sound that's rich with feeling. The strings have an indie element from Mike along with a classical influence from Will, while Jim brings classic rock from his Clearlake days. Meanwhile Rhys's jazz props up the bottom end and James' vocals have the rawness of his soul upbringing. But this isn't maths and that equation comes out with something unique. It's as rooted in late 60s and early 70s widescreen psychedelia musically as it is in the modern world lyrically."

1. Pegasus
2. Chestnut Sunday
3. Flight 1
4. Somerhill
5. The Mouth Of The Wolf
6. Flight 2
7. Bye Bye Kitty
8. For A Day
9. Flight 4
10. Oliver
11. Flight 3
12. Let Me Fade
13. Hungover
14. Manor Farm